Horizontal videos are so 2016. Launched at the end of august 2017, a new app made in France appears on our smartphones: Vertical.

Developed in collaboration with Samy Khanafer from TOTEM, our digital agency director, Vertical want to make populous a new kind of video format, aside of traditional “horizontal format” medias like cinema, youtube, TV… This format is called 9:16. Yes, this is a reverse 16:9, Yes it’s innovating, No, you don’t need to tilt your head.

Behind this project, two talented youtubers and self-made men: Valentin and Sofyan. The first run the marketing and communication while the second run the creation and content. When it was about to rise the project from idea to the real concept, the two creators decide to call Ingima via its digital agency TOTEM, to develop this original video platform on iOS and Android. They enjoyed all the TOTEM expertise and listened all the technical advices from them for controlling content. Then, TOTEM join them on the next steps with a full customized monitoring.

Seb La Frite, Adèle Castillon, Motoki… These new Youtubers generations are available on 9:16 among other moviemakers and podcasters, with a content which evolve every week. This format is rising, and several artists let their creative flair exploding, like Epik High, a Korean rap band, became famous with 10 million views.

Vertical is available and free, on iOS and Android and is used by more than 300.000 users.