What is it ?

Yuka and Scan Eat are great applications to improve our shopping choices in supermarkets. These applications use a free and participatory database: Open Food Facts.

This database lists the information of many prepared products (+400k products) sold in supermarkets. It is supplied with data by volunteers. You can add new products and correct incorrect information.

The principle is simple, you scan the barcode of the product and the application informs you about the nutritional qualities of the chosen product and the presence of harmful additives, allergens, palm oil or even allergens.

Why ?

Simply choose the best products for your diet. Find out about your consumption! Avoid harmful additives! It’s a simple opportunity to buy more responsibly while improving nutrition.

Private Data

Scan Eat does not store your data, it is only stored on your smartphone.

Yuka does not use its users’ data. They have a business model entirely focused on B2C and donations. They will soon release a paid functionality for the analysis of cosmetic products.

Go to your App store or Play store and test the one you like the most!

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by Thibault G.