A responsible company involved in solidarity

At Ingima, we aspire to have a responsible and respectful conduct towards our stakeholders and the environment.

A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team within the group is dedicated to strengthening and developing our approach in all the fields of our activities.

Our employees are invited to take an active part in the CSR accomplishment, by choosing specific objectives, projects proposals and RPI roles.

Together, we wish to achieve a significant progression and evolution.

A Responsible and Solidary company
UN Global Compact
The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals
Solidarity Involvment
Respect of the Environment


UN Global Compact

In 2017, we have officially joined the United Nations Global Compact, the largest international voluntary commitment initiative for Sustainable Development. UN Global Compact brings together 14,000 companies, organizations, UN agencies, labor and civil society actors around ten universally recognized principles related to human rights, international labor standards, the environment and fight against corruption.

Through its membership, INGIMA is committed to integrate the 10 principles into its strategy, organizational culture and operations. As well as sharing the progress made each year with its stakeholders through the Annual Communication On Progress.


The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Our CSR initiative is aligned with the global effort in the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) of the United Nations

To learn more about the 17 SDG’s :


Solidarity Involvment

Ingima aspires to build long lasting relationships in the community by developing partnerships with local and international associations in the countries where our offices are located.

  • Our French office is sorting waste in collaboration with the Elise company which employs people with disabilities.
  • We support the national campaign of appeal to Tzedakah, which supports social programs for people in fragile situations.
  • Each year, a clothing collection campaign is organized by employees in each office, for the benefit of associations helping the needy. Joining the action of the Ingimates, the management makes Co-solidarity donation: in France for the association “Les Restos du Coeur” and “Emmaus” helping the most needy (homeless, and people living in social precarity). In Israel, we support 2 associations.
  • In Israel we support a holistic assistance program for Holocaust survivors living in precarious situations
  • We are organizing food collection in Israel in collaboration with a major local NGO as part of the national food aid campaign for people living below the poverty line.
  • Our French collaborators participated in a 10km race for the yearly TELETHON campaign.
  • We organized a blood donation day in Paris in collaboration with ESF
  • We offered solidarity gifts to our clients in Israel, supporting a program for the social inclusion of people with mental disorder.
  • In Israel, we support the Rabin Medical Center “Encouraging Excellence in Surgery” program, which sends promising young surgeons to professional skills development trainings at some of the most prestigious medical centers of the world.
  • Our Israeli collaborators took part in various educational and recreational activities in a kindergarten for disadvantaged populations. These included planting a vegetable garden with the children, and creative games in the summer.
  • In 2017, we offered solidarity gifts to our customers, a donation on their behalf to an association of their choice. One of them is “L’envol Vert”, whose objective is the preservation of the forest and biodiversity in the most disadvantaged countries and in France.
  • Our French office bought a Christmas tree which can be replanted in partnership with Treezmas.comWe hope to extend our solidarity and environmental commitment by involving, beyond our financial support, the volunteering of professional and personal skills of our collaborators. We offer 2 RPI positions (Role Playing Ingimate) specifically dedicated to Solidarity Involvement Projects, by coordinating volunteering missions for our employees. We believe in the added value and mutual benefit of volunteering.


Respect of the Environment

Our commitment to respect the environment is present in our offices daily. It includes the reduction of pollution through the sorting of waste, elimination of use of plastic, use of recycled paper and the reduced use of printers, and progress towards the use of Organic office supplies and cleaning products.

We also encourage carpooling We offer organic fruit to our employees and visitors. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated.

Our “Quickwins” project will allow to set up quick and concrete initiatives at the office for the respect of the environment.Our collaborators can join by suggesting ideas and be active in the implementation.