Since 2015, our Bulgarian team has been taking advantage of a strategic location that allows us to optimize costs while maintaining our strategic position.
a high level of quality and flexibility.


2h50 flight from Paris & 2h flight from Tel Aviv

Only 1h time zone difference with France and same time zone with Israel

A dedicated team of engineers, with experience in open source and Javascript stacks

A saving around
30% 40% compared
to France and Israel

Cultural proximity,
economic and political
stability of Bulgaria

Flexible operating model
thanks to a shared team

Variable modalities of engagement : service center, time & materials
of fixed price


Application Development (including mobile applications)
Systems Integration
Application Management

All deliveries / projects are challenged by the team (code review) and local managers


Languages : Java, Angular, Angular JS, HTML, XML, CSS, SQL
Frameworks : J2EE, HybridApplication, Spring
Databases : SQL, MySQL
Tools : Jira, Confluence, Git, BitBucket (versionning)
Communication Technologies : Slack, Skype


Industrialized delivery with Agile or V-Model methodologies
Data protection : Great attention to the data security of our partners


English, French, Bulgarian
French manager on site to manage the Service Center


For a famous client in health assistance, we developed in 2017 a web solution that allows members to carry out prevention actions.

Built around Java and Angular Stack technologies on the front, our French – Bulgarian integrated production team has accelerated our development and delivered the solution for our customer in advance. Our Bulgarian service center is also involved in the solution application management.


For a french public customer, since early 2016, we have developed the “month without tobacco” website and mobile Apps that help the people to stop smoking in a Paris / Sofia operating model.

Our economic model allowed us to realize a customer quotation that was perfectly adapted to the client’s budget

The technical environment is a Stack Java and Angular on the front and a Ionic layer, cordova for the hybrid mobile application.