Ingim’UP hit again: Tuesday 13, 20 and 27 March were held training sessions on REACT for beginners, a free JavaScript library developed by Facebook since 2013.

And it was Erwan, Fullstack Javascript developer of our digital agency TOTEM who taught this language. Like a Jedi master, Erwan was able to initiate some of our Ingimates, having already touched the coding universe, to this really very useful library.

On the program: An aperitif composed of front end bases, HTML, DOM and Javascript bases, followed by the main course: the React “how it works” and basic concepts (JSX, State, Props). Finally, dessert: How to use React correctly. A program that can be tasted thanks to the Chrome browser, an essential tool for front-end web coding.

But the 10 million question is, what’s React for?

React was originally created for front-end web development. With his new concepts he has brought and continues to bring much in this field. Its objectives: simplicity, performance, ease of maintenance and code reuse. You can find many sites based on React, such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Netflix, Alibaba…

The Web is nice, but mobile is also very cool, and to bring React on iOS and Android environment, Facebook created React-Native which reuses React concepts. Unlike traditional “hybrid” solutions, React-Native achieves performance close to or very close to Swift and Java languages (standard languages for coding on iOS and Android). Like React sites, there are many iOS and Android applications using React-Native: Discord, Airbnb, Skype…

React training is one of the many courses INGIMA provides to its Ingimates so that, in addition to personal development in our offices, they can better understand the world in which some of them are immersed.

A paying initiative since Ingimates are always more numerous to follow Ingim’UP training!