Ingima Labs : Innovation Delivered


Speed is key. With the need to renew offers and launch new products, technological and functional prototyping is a critical step in decision-making.

We have developed Ingima Labs to meet this challenge with you
and support you in the exploration and implementation of your innovation projects.

Our mode of action : Collaborative and Agile R&D.

Our mission : Innovation Delivered

Our project management process is to projects that include a significant amount of R&D. Our practice is based on Creative Problem Solving and Rapid Prototyping and perfectly interfaces with agile teams driven by Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

We will have the opportunity to come back to it 🙂

With the beginning of this year, we take the opportunity to let you know about our projects portfolio :

  • Robot Process Automation (RPA, LAD and RAD)
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Augmented reality

So you can have a feeling on how we put our expertise in action.

Augmented Reality

Two years ago, we developed an augmented drawing app. Drago will bring your drawing to life, with an animated 3D model that takes up in real time the coloring you are currently doing. B2C applications are obviously numerous. We are now designing the re-use of the technological core that we have developed for industrial applications, particularly in the field of non-destructive testing.

We also worked on another project with the Paris Fire Brigade, Echo, to develop an echolocation prototype. The challenge: to help firefighters during their interventions so they can see through the smoke. We have moved forward in 2 strategic directions:

  • the demonstration of feasibility, development of algorithms for command and control antenna array , physical and mathematical analysis from a digital twin (including electronic and physical wave coupling) and the design of a physical prototype for demonstrations.
  • the development of a technological roadmap, with the identification of technological locks and the identification of relevant partners (microelectronic research centers, suppliers of relevant electronic components, manufacturers, integrators, etc.)

Ingima Labs has also developed an Augmented Reality application for Industrial Maintenance, Rama. On this one, we teamed up with a French player specialising in the operational maintenance of complex units. We have developed this new product in close collaboration with our partner’s teams: design and UX workshop, prototyping, industrial equipment coupling / RA glasses, development of a complete application, in MVP mode (minimum viable product). The challenge we had: deliver a service-ready solution and as a platform to expand it with new functionalities based on new business needs and feedback from operators.


Robot Process Automation

In 2018, we made great moves in automating tasks by addressing decisive industrial issues and high ROI impact for our partners.

In the fields of retail, logistics or insurance, we have developed high value-added components for processing critical document flows for operations: document classification, quality control, automatic reading (LAD and RAD) with PackRead, PackDiff and Cargo projects.

We work where proprietary solutions show their limits… and where our expertise in Vision and Algorithmics allows us to design innovative, robust and scalable solutions in a wide variety of business contexts. Some of our successes:

  • reading of elements on open scenes: poorly framed or video streams in natural light rather than scans of good quality
  • support for design documents that are far from standard formats and where OCR technologies would typically fall short : unstructured or poorly structured documents, with different colours, textures and contrast profiles
  • automatic detection of complex and heterogeneous templates
  • automatic reading on handwritten texts


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

The analysis of information flows and social networks was the subject of major developments on our side. With our partners, we have worked on several use-cases to help business analysts in the automatic extraction of information and the interpretation of weak signals.

With Dysan, we worked with a global news agency on the analysis of dispatches. We have developed a dedicated semantic analysis engine. With this component, news is automatically categorized (keyword proposals, subject identification, automatic summary proposals) and several features are added to the database metadata: places, organization, personalities, etc.

This expertise in the interpretation of natural language led us to explore a new case with an industrial company specialized in business intelligence. We prototyped NetMood with them, an emotion analysis solution on Twitter… and through the project we pivoted a related challenge, with Influx: the study of the influence and detection of radicalization dynamics on social networks.

It is with this in-depth knowledge that we have also made progress in a very promising field: social marketing and influence marketing. You may have recognized Bulb, a sourcing service to find the influencers best suited to your brand and needs.


Collaborative and agile R&D

With this 2018 ramp up, we are approaching 2019 with the confidence of our partners. Some of these projects have led to industrial solutions. We had the pleasure to get up to the operational deployment.

Our satisfaction: happy users,  decisive economic impact.

Our positioning is very clear: we maximize the value provided for our partner.

Our agility, our project management practice focused on collaboration and our technological / R&D expertise gives us a decisive advantages: operate quickly and efficiently to limit risks on projects over interventions from 2 weeks to 2-3 months.

“Au menu”:

  • sprints,transparency, continuous delivery,
  • demonstrators designed for industrialization,
  • attention paid to use, to the user and to the service provided.

In the coming weeks, we will share our views on some of the projects we are working on at Ingima Labs. The topics we are currently working on: vision solutions in the field of robotics, automatic emails analysis, industrialization of product information management solutions (the kind of features that could be fit well into the Yuka / OpenFoodFacts ecosystem)

Stay tuned! 😊

If you have any questions, please contact us!