What ?

TooGoodToGo is a mobile app which will seduce those who are not satisfied with lunchr.

Their creed: fight against food waste.

The partner restaurants of the application sell their unsold items at low prices.

Every day the restaurants pick up the unsold items of the day to make dishes

that you can order with TooGoodToGo.

You will be able to enjoy « surprise dishes » from your favourite restaurants

while making a gesture for the planet. Close to Ingima, you can find Nathéo and Saveurs Zen who are partners of the application.

Why ?

Every year, one third of food production is throwed in the garbage.
In France, we throw away almost 10 million tons of food.


Food wastage has three major negative impacts:


It is a waste of natural resources (including a lot of water) and a waste of energy for manufacturing the products.


Between 12 and 20 billion euros are thrown in the garbage in France every year.


One person in ten in France does not feed properly. It is an ethical problem to throw food away when you know that other people are not eating well.


We invite you to be responsible on how you consume.

At home, try to give preference to products with a near expiry date.

Avoid purchasing in too much quantity.

Some foods may also be eaten after the expiry date, but you should be careful.

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by Thibault G.