What ?

lepotiron.fr is a french collaborative website created by a gardening fan.

It puts gardeners in contact with curious gardeners.

The gardener publishes announcements of donations, barter or sales of fruits and vegetables.

The visitor can consult the various gardens and get in touch with the owners in order to buy or exchange products from the land with them.


(Ads are checked to only show recently harvested food)

Is love in the meadow ? it’s at least possible to get to know a gardener and help him to grow his garden against part of the harvest.

Budding apprenticies : all the tips are on the blog directly accessible on the website.

The grab : Recently the site has been financed thanks to Lilo !

Let’s rain drops of water on our lands 🙂

The +++ :

Anti waste

Limiting waste though the exchange of fresh produce between neighbours.


Meeting and sharing of knowledge between enthusiasts ok working land.

Short circuits

Consumption of seasonal food, of good quality, while staying close to home. The only trip your vegetable will make is from the garden to your kitchen.

Wether you live in the suburbs the provinces or elsewhere, take the time to take a look around.

You’ll probably find a cabbages seller near your home 🙂


By Thibault – RPI RSE