COP Global Compact INGIMA FRANCE 2018

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For this second year since Ingima France has joined the Global Compact, we decided to commit to improving on these four themes: Human rights, International labor standards, the Environment and the Fight against corruption.

This inscribes itself in our CSR vision of responsible and respectful conduct towards the people we work with and the environment.

I – A dedicated CSR team and implicated collaborators:

  • In the aim of providing support to our CSR manager, a part-time intern has joined the team in 2018 in order to put in place our different initiatives and promote solidarity projects inside our company.
  • A collaborator has been recruited and is taking charge of the processes to respect and enhance in the context of the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications obtained by the company. This person also assumes the role of environmental CSR referent.
  • We also have social CSR and business ethics CSR referents who enable us to launch projects that include all the branches of CSR.
  • Our communications manager integrates CSR thematics in the annual planning of events and initiates activities specifically oriented on environmental and solidarity themes.
  • Our CSR team is occasionally reinforced by Ingimates who are using the RPI (Role Playing Ingimate) program.
  • We encourage active participation in all our employees.

Therefore, our collaborators answered a survey enabling them to chose which UN Sustainable Development Goals Ingima could commit itself to. Access to high quality education (SDO #4) and gender equality (SDO #5) were selected.

II – Committed communications:

  • On the internet site, we created a tab dedicated to Ingima’s CSR approach details our actions in progress.
  • We have redacted our three CSR policies which serve as guiding documents for our referents.
  • We have also established a calendar of CSR communications and activities to heighten the awareness and the sense of implication in our collaborators throughout the year.
  • Slack channels have been established for internal CSR communications.
  • A RPI role has been taken by a consultant who will publish routinely articles and CSR news.
  • The CSR referents have been able to present our advancements on the different pillars, as well as the planned initiatives, during our annual CSR meeting in October.


Human Rights

I – Non-discrimination in matters of employment and careers:

  • A social audit report is established annually, enabling us to define improvement points and measure progress from one year to another.
  • A salary grid has been established for consultants as well as part of the internal staff (managers and HR managers). We plan to extend this grid to all the internal staff in 2019.
  • Our Human Resources director as well as our CSR referent have participated in a first workshop given by Global Compact France on the essentials of human rights.
  • On September 19th, we welcomed the exceptional meet-up called “Special Edition” organized by the Paris ML Group and Women in Machine Learning & Data Science.

II – Collaborator follow-up:

  • In the context of the ISO 9001 certification on quality management, our reporting processes have been redefined and improved.
  • A question has been added on our follow-up document to enable information to be reported to the top-tier of management. It aims to detect and prevent psycho-social risks (e. g. harassment situations, stress in the workplace,…)
  • The evaluation of collaborators is also being improved in the goal to make it more objective.

III – Career management:

  • INGIMA Labs is a collaborative workspace which has varied technological environments and objects. Our collaborators have at their disposal a set of materials and software which enables them to create, invent, test …
  • We aim towards continuous development and have added in 2018 linguistic and personal development training for the staff.
  • We apply ourselves to optimal management of inter-contract periods. On top of working on different internal projects, we also offer responsible roles like RPI’s or the sponsorship of professional skills.


IV – Well-being of our collaborators:

  • In the context of the ISO 9001 certification on quality management, administrative, legal and social management processes have been redefined and improved.
  • Communication has also been rethought as part of the certification and contributes to developing a feeling of belonging and integration contributing to the well-being of our employees.
  • We have also implemented more free time during work hours by offering yoga classes, meditation training and massages for our collaborators.


  • In order to federate team spirit and act in favor of the well being of our collaborators, numerous events and activities are offered every month (game nights, movie nights, Ingicup, meetouts, …)
  • Organic fruit baskets are put at the disposal of our collaborators every week.
  • We have proceeded to a revision of the workspace, enabling the creation of new rooms for interviews and meetings.
  • Ingimates from the HR team attended a conference on happiness in the workspace in order to improve the day to day life of our collaborators.

V – Prevention of psycho-social risks:

  • A question has been added on our follow-up document to enable information to be reported to the top-tier of management. It aims to detect and prevent psycho-social risks and improve follow-up for our collaborators.
  • We have chosen and trained someone who is now a referent in the subject

VI – Commitment to solidarity:

  • We support different solidarity projects through financial donations and volunteering.

The program of training in professional excellency of the department of gastroenterology of the Rabin Israeli medical center is part of the main projects.

Since 2017, this program has organized the training of surgical teams at the Bahir Dahar hospital (Ethiopia) in the practice of laparoscopy (a surgical procedure in which a fiber optics instrument is inserted through the abdomen in order to visualize its organs or to enable a surgical procedure).

  • Like every other year, we organized a blood donation campaign.

  • In March, we participated in the “Jonquille” race, a solidary race that is organized to support cancer research.
  • Our HR team participated in a coaching workshop with the organization “La Cravate Solidaire”, in order to create implication in sponsoring skills. A clothing collection was organized through a partnership with the organization.
  • We offered volunteering of professional skills on our Slack platform.


International labor standards

I – ISO 14001 and 9001 :

Our certification commits us to progressing in a monitored and regular manner. A long-term hire has been recruited to dedicate itself to it.

II – Training in the management of evacuation in case of a fire

A team of 7 people followed training with attention given to their roles in case of a fire.

III – French legislation regarding workers in a situation of disability.

  • We do not have any legal obligation to employ people in a situation of disability.
  • However, this is a very important subject for us which is why we work with the company Elise (, a sorting company employing people who have disabilities.
  • We have launched a campaign in order to encourage our collaborators to start the procedure for the Recognition for the Quality as a Handicapped worker (in French, RQTH). This approach is anonymous and is accompanied by INGIMA’s administrative department.

IV – Protection of our collaborators’ privacy.

  • In the context of the RGPD, procedures concerning the protection of personal data have been reviewed and the documents have been updated. A collaborator has been trained in order to better apprehend the implications of this new regulation.



I – 14001 Certification:

An analysis of the environmental aspects of each of our activities has enabled us to have knowledge of their impacts and establish a plan of action, improvement and progress.

II – Waste sorting:

We collaborate with the company Elise ( who employs people who have disabilities to ensure the sorting and the recycling of out waste. Elise also offers a more complete solution to waste recovering than the traditional circuit.

III – Responsible purchasing:

  • This year, we bought our Christmas tree through, a project enabling to give a second life to the tree by replanting it.
  • Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.
  • We decided to use recycled paper and recycled carboard cups.
  • We established a guide of ecological certifications and labels to help us when choosing our products.

IV – Environmentally friendly events:

Our CSR communications and events calendar includes events aiming to create awareness around environmental causes. (Movie nights, awareness campaigns, Plogging Challenge – going for a run while picking up trash)

V – Reduction of our consumption:

Disposable cups:

  • Removal of disposable cups in our 2nd floor offices, the disposable cups are now on exclusively reserved for external visitors.


  • We proceeded to the digitalization of pay slips starting in February 2018.
  • Administrative reports are not printed anymore
  • We have started an awareness campaign destined to our clients to incite them to use digital billing.
  • Water and electricity:
  • As of June 2018, we have decided to choose a 100% renewable/green energy supply.
  • We have put water regulators on every faucet in the kitchen.


Business Ethics – The Fight against corruption

This year, we have worked towards formalizing procedures that regulate the different fees and expenses of the different operations in our company: those concerning the Business Managers and consultants that interact with our clients, as well as our purchasing division which is responsible for orders and which regulates our relationships with our suppliers as well as our service providers.

  • Our Business Ethics CSR referent elaborated a process model for purchases at Ingima, including the steps of approval and validation by the different levels of management who are in charge.
  • A written regulation concerning expenses and ceilings regarding meals and a directive concerning gifts has been redacted and will be the object of an internal communication.

Year 2018 enabled us to structure our CSR approach in the company, as well as to further our commitment to the Global Compact by progressing on it’s four themes. The nomination of referents and the encouragement directed towards our collaborators has given a practical aspect to our desire to improve.

We hope to continue contributinh significantly to Sustainable Development by integrating more and more of the values of the Global Compact in our activities.