Release of Bulb V1.0


We are developing a new digital service for social network analysis at the Lab. We have just delivered the V1.0 with a focus on the development of the technological core. In three words: Detection – Influencers – Social Marketing!


Social Marketing

Instagram is a social network where influence marketing is booming. On the one hand, some people are more followed than others, and others even more, and so on… On the other hand, brands are looking for the best ways to get attention and get themselves known. So far… nothing new!

Some profiles get a really high number of followers and can even be recognized as “influencers”, “trendsetters“. These profiles are ideal partners to spread messages to large audiences. This is obviously of interest to advertisers and this is at the heart of Social Marketing. Nevertheless Finding the most relevant influencers might be challenging.


Bulb: the value proposition

This project with strong potential is progressing in stages, with our Ingimate Valentin. In terms of technological core, Bulb assigns an influence score to any Instagram profile, and provides a list of the most relevant influencers for a given domain.

The main thing here is to work on 2 axes:

  • The segmentation and relevance to the target audience
  • The potential impact they have, both quantitatively and qualitatively

Tech inside

This service is based on a Machine Learning model. First, it was necessary to define what an influencer is. Quantitative criteria are obviously used: number of views, number and frequency of publications. Bulb stands out and refines the results by taking into account qualitative concepts such as the commitment of the follower community, the quality of the photo stream, the interpretation of weak signals. The result: improved relevance on the profiles identified to best meet the needs of marketing departments.

By retrieving and analyzing the data from a large sample of profiles via Instagram’s APIs, we submitted these to Bulb explaining why these profiles are or are not influencers.

With this training, Bulb has identified the necessary characteristics that make a profile an influencer and can perform this analysis on any Instagram profile.

By combining this detection capability with a dedicated search engine, we have a perfect tool to help companies organize their web and social marketing campaigns. Bulb is particularly effective for the detection of micro-influencers.

With Bulb, a brand can almost find instantly the pool of influencers best able to effectively disseminate its message to the right audience.

Yes, at Ingima, we do that!

If you would like to talk to us about your needs or the Bulb project, please contact us !