Our name is born from the fusion between Ingenuity and Imagination. We are convinced that by combining the ingenuity and imagination of each of us, our clients and our engineers, we can participate in the technological transformation of the world around us.

Our two founding partners, prompted by the success of their first venture in the consulting world, wanted to develop a groundbreaking corporate model with the overall goal of promoting innovation.

Today, we make up close to 250 enthusiasts located in France, Belgium, Bulgaria and Israel. Our main activity is the management and development of innovative projects, and our organization operates according to 3 core pillars: entrepreneurship, voluntary participation of each individual in INGIMA’s development, and continuous learning.

We believe in a corporate model according to which each individual is free and responsible, empowered and autonomous in both his or her work and the company’s day-to-day operations.


Being the entrepreneurs of our lives is a state of mind that we hold dear. In turn, we have cultivated an atmosphere that is conducive to both the expression of individual talents and the emergence of innovative projects.

Our corporate risk tolerance has allowed us to progress thus far, and our continued effort to innovate will ensure our future accomplishments! Thanks to our INGIMAX program and the INGIMA LAB, we are able to encourage each Ingimate to innovate, test, and liberate the entrepreneur within each of them!


Each Ingimate possesses his or her own skills and aspirations. Our business model not only fosters individual initiative and autonomy but also provides the means for each Ingimate to bring his or her own strengths to the INGIMA community, from the moment they take responsibility for their own decisions and actions and have obtained prior approval of the concerned parties.

With our R.P.I (Role Playing Ingimate) program, which is open to everyone, each Ingimate can choose to play a role within various choices of functional, technical and social roles.


We believe in the ability of everyone to evolve and learn throughout their professional life. INGIMA encourages this approach, which is a daily challenge.

Ingim’ UP is the program that we have set up. This in-house training is provided by our Ingimates for our Ingimates or by experts according to the needs of each individual. The trainings are proposed at the initiative of our Ingimates and according to the needs of our ecosystem Clients and Start-up.

They inspire us

“If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative.”

Woody AllenFilmmaker

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun. And, it has to exercise your creative instincts.”

Richard BransonFounder of Virgin Group

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”


“Always in motion the futur is.”

YodaJedi Master


Web & Digital Solutions

We step in from the conception/architecture to the development in various technical environements:

Mobile: Android/Java, iOS/Objective-C/Swift and Windows Phone
Web: JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS
Object: Java, J2EE, C#, .NET

Big Data / Data Management

We engage in the management and optimization of data, analysis of large amounts of information and technical solutions implementation:

Data Solution: Oracle MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Couch Base
Platforms: Big Data, Hadoop
Search engine: Elastic Search, SQLR

Infrastructure And Security

We engage in the conception, migration and maintenance of infrastructures. We pay particularly close attention to the issues that represent SI security:

Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux
Virtualization: VMware
SGBD: Oracle, Sybase, MySQL
Security: Juniper, Firewall

High Performance Computing

We work on software aspects and on systems at different levels :

Embedded software, real time, low-level
Architecture / Engineering systems
Assembler layers and micro-controllers

Project Management

We can support you in strategic and operational management. Our corporate approach is based on proximity, methodology and support.

Collecting and framing functional needs
Providing assistance to operational management
Implementing V-Model or Agile Scrum

QA Automation

We step in in all your test automation projects.

Auditing your QA strategy
PoC Development
Implementation of tools : Ranorex, Selenium, UFT…
Environments : Web, mobile, desktop, embedded systems
Agile methodology or V-cycle



INGILAB – Research and Development Center

The INGIMA Lab is a collaborative and innovative workspace, providing a broad spectrum of professional environments and technological tools. We provide our consultants with open access to a complete set of hardware and software so they can self-train, create, invent, test, develop projects and carry out P.O.C (proofs of concept).
The idea behind the lab is to encourage innovation as much as possible. Namely, our consultants work as much on customers’ projects as on personal projects they want to develop. The objective is to open our own Research and Development center in order to anticipate the trends and future needs of our clients as well as test and access new technologies.

INGIMAX – Startup Accelerator

We have created, as part of the INGIMA Group, an innovative business accelerator called Ingimax. Its objective is to endorse the projects of young entrepreneurs at different levels:

  • Advise on business models and strategies
  • Offer technical and functional support, drawing on our extensive expertise and know-how
  • Provide financial support, with the help of Ingimax partners
  • Distribute and sell their solutions through our international network.

Within this framework, we are able to offer innovative projects to our consultants. Our field of expertise includes Fintech, Medtech, Energy, loT, and Digital Marketing.

TOTEM – Digital Agency

Engineers, Product Owners and quality assurance professionals turn ideas and designs into functional, reliable products and services. The TOTEM team is highly collaborative, pushing the boundaries of what brands can enable for their users.

Our services:

  • Mobiles applications (iOS / Android / React-Native)
  • Web applications (intranet, sites vitrines, e-commerces…)
  • UI / UX Design
  • Hosting and Data Analytics

Read more on our dedicated website:

INGICARE – E-Health Specialist

To change behaviors and improve health by digital, Ingicare offers collaborative applications of Connected Health. Through Agile and Design Thinking, Ingicare aims to innovate placing technology for the benefit of the usage by analysing the environnment and adapting in real time to propose the best user experience.

More information on our website:



your ideas

Are you bold? Is it your dream to develop innovative projects?

Luckily, with our Ingima Lab and our innovative business accelerator Ingimax, you will be free to develop your full potential and your ideas! Whether autonomously or with other Ingimates, you will be encouraged to self-train, create, invent, test and develop your projects!


Be the actor
of your company

Are you dynamic? Do you want to take part in various corporate activities? Do you want to invest yourself and become a real player in your company?

You will love the Role Playing Ingimate program ! You will be directly invited to take part in the internal life of Ingima across many functional, technical and engagement roles (as an event organizer, corporate ambassador, technical validator…)


Learn more
Build more

Are you curious? Do you like to learn new things? Do you want to progress?

You will benefit from Ingim’up, our program dedicated to the continuous learning and progress of everyone. You will be free to join various courses (personal development, technical, linguistic), either on your own initiative or according to the needs of our customers and startups.


and Share

Do you like to laugh? Do you want to be part of a cohesive team? Are you a table tennis pro?

The “Café Ingima” is made for you! You will be free to come and relax, challenge your colleagues at table tennis, play board games, drink coffee and, most important of all, join a community of enthusiasts!

Apply for a job

jobs Israel
January 10, 2019

NGIMA ISRAEL is looking for a Senior JAVA Developer

INGIMA ISRAEL is looking for a Senior JAVA Developer to join a team in a well-funded startup company in growth, established more than five years ago provides a product that bring an affordable energy to 1.5B people in the off-grid world!!! Job Requirements Must Have o At least 5 years’ experience developing solid server-side software using Java o At least…

jobs Israel
January 3, 2019

We are looking for an expert QA Engineer to join a great team, part of a successful company.

As a QA Engineer you will plan and implement end-to-end tests for the UI, backend and data base. MUST Requirements – +4 years of experience as a QA engineer- focused on web and mobile products and integrations. Experience with testing SERVER side. Strong experience with XML. Strong experience with SQL Expert designer/writer of STP, STD Job location: Rosh Haayin. Please…

Jobjobs Israel
December 19, 2018

We are looking for a VMware to an amazing company located in Tel-Aviv.

We are looking for a VMware to an amazing company located in Tel-Aviv. Job requirements: Security classification is necessary. Required: • Experience in establishing, maintaining and upgrading production environments • Experience in testing of vSphere environments • Familiar with VirtualCenter and ESXi (real understanding of how things work “behind the scenes) • High troubleshooting capabilities and experience in troubleshooting and…

Apply at INGIMA

Want to join the adventure?


November 26, 2018

Bulb, A service to source influencers on Social Networks

Release of Bulb V1.0   We are developing a new digital service for social network analysis at the Lab. We have just delivered the V1.0 with a focus on the development of the technological core. In three words: Detection – Influencers – Social Marketing!   Social Marketing Instagram is a social network where influence marketing is booming. On the one…

March 30, 2018

[Ingim’UP] : REACT Training.

Ingim'UP hit again: Tuesday 13, 20 and 27 March were held training sessions on REACT for beginners, a free JavaScript library developed by Facebook since 2013. And it was Erwan,...
March 23, 2018


What ? is a french collaborative website created by a gardening fan. It puts gardeners in contact with curious gardeners. The gardener publishes announcements of donations, barter or sales of fruits and vegetables. The visitor can consult the various gardens and get in touch with the owners in order to buy or exchange products from the land with them….

March 19, 2018

[RSE] : Communication on Progress

In February 2017, Ingima joined the Global Compact. A year later, decisions were taken, projects were launched and actions were taken as part of our CSR approach. With the aim of making progress towards the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. Today, progress are visible ! Clicking on this link will take you to Ingima’s COP (Communication on…



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