Ingima news


New partnership with Creditplace

Ingima, throw its accelerator INGIMAX, is pleased to announce its equity investment in CreditPlace, an innovative peer-to-peer platform for the trading of receivables between companies and investors. This partnership will help CredtiPlace to boost its commercial and strategic development on an international scale.


New collaboration with Orange Group

Thanks to a great team effort, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Orange group! Orange is French multinational telecommunications corporation.


[INGIMAX] Acquisition of an interest in NIIO

INGIMA, throw its accelerator INGIMAX, is thrilled to announce it has acquired an interest in Niio, a new distribution and display platform for moving images and new digital art forms. NIIO is to digital art what films and series are to Netflix.


“Run at work”

Last year, our Ingimates (people with questionable humor working at Ingima) put on their sneakers and sportswear to join the competition at the starting line of the Run At Work race. Their training was so intense that they drove the referees at the finish line crazy. This year, they will come back with an even larger, stronger and more motivated team!


INGIMA gets an upgrade

Since its creation in 2011, INGIMA has evolved a lot. Beginning with only one office in Paris, we quickly opened other locations in Brussels and Tel Aviv. With the company’s expanding global presence, our team has also gotten bigger, and we are now proud to number more than 100 passionate professionals. Each member of our team has brought us a lot in terms of competences, experiences, creativity, open-mindedness and innovative ideas. Thanks to all of them, today we have many projects on our plate! In fact, we just launched two new programs: an innovative business accelerator and an R&D lab. Those two programs will allow anyone to unleash his or her creativity! INGIMA is currently at a turning point in its development, and to mark the occasion, we decided to give a boost to our visual identity. As you probably saw on our previous website, our visual identity was represented by images of children taken by the famous photographer Andrew Rich. Those children reflected not only the youthful nature of our company but also, above all, a state of mind that is dear to us: the desire to learn, remain curious, and encourage curiosity and creativity in each other. Finally, these children represent the future development of our company. Today, INGIMA has “grown up”, and so have we. More than young apprentices, we have become real experts in various and complex areas. We had the chance to work and grow together with many partners and are now at a critical point in our collective evolution. So, we wanted to mark the occasion with a new identity. To keep in line with our initial corporate identity, we approached Andrew Rich, once again, to take pictures. These images now represent adults in different professional but surprising situations. We have certainly grown up, but we remain young at heart. While we may certainly have more expertise and competences, we are still mainly driven by our curiosity, our desire to learn, to improve, to discover new things and to take on new adventures!


Game of Thrones Party

Since the beginning of the year, INGIMA has been buzzing! Thanks to the dynamism of our team, we won many new contracts, welcomed new passionate recruits, and launched new projects. Above all, we now see many new challenges to take on, and we intend to overcome them together, one at a time! We wanted to seize the moment and organize an event. This is an opportunity to welcome our new recruits properly, to meet in an informal setting, to announce upcoming projects and, especially, to thank everyone for the incredible work done so far! (This is also an opportunity to satisfy the foodies and hydrate the athletes but shhh, it’s a well-kept secret!) For the theme of this event, we chose Game of Thrones! A global phenomenon, the show’s new season is coming soon and already has everyone’s attention! We saw an opportunity to test ourselves and uncover who, among us, are the true followers of Game of Thrones! Through different games, challenges, and other activities, our six teams will attempt to access the famous Iron Throne. Be careful, the battle will be fierce, and only one will succeed!